Client Services
Rayburn, Bates & Fitzgerald, P.C. can provide the expertise required for the engagements of various types and sizes of businesses.

Our services include:

Accounting Services

Audit Services

As certified public accountants, we are responsible for the objective examination of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Our audit philosophy includes understanding the key aspects of our clients' operations and the areas which are critical to their success and their ability to attain their goals.

Although the primary objective of an audit is the expression of an opinion on the fair presentation of the financial statements, we consider it important to develop suggestions and recommendations to assist management in improving the internal controls and efficiency of the organization.

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When a client needs financial information presented in the form of financial statements and does not require the assurances provided by an audit or review, we may perform compilation services. These services are less expensive than an audit or review and can provide attractive financial reports for owners, board members, creditors, or others on an annual or interim basis.

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Tax Services

Tax services

Rayburn, Bates & Fitzgerald, P.C. provides a complete range of tax services. Our experienced tax professionals concentrate their practice on providing proactive tax advice to our clients. In addition to ensuring that businesses' operations are consistent with tax laws, and providing guidance in proper compliance with tax rules and regulations, our services include: